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The Gestalt Wiki Framework (GWF) is a set of patterns and open source software that enables groups to build enterprise knowledge using structured wikis. This is our showcase for both enterprise knowledge stewards who are interested in wiki-based knowledge management and wiki builders who want to learn how to use GWF extensions.

Enterprise knowledge stewards may want to read more about the background of the evolution and use of GWF in the enterprise as well as enterprise collaboration with wikis and how enterprise content becomes a content network. Wiki-based enterprise knowledge management using GWF involves authors contributing content using forms. These contributions may be combined with enterprise data, queried, and visualized. Visualizations include automatically computed tables, tag clouds, bar charts, pie charts, time lines, calendars, and network graphs to enable readers to see the "big picture" of enterprise community knowledge. GWF allows authors to contribute content once and use that content in many ways. The name "Gestalt" was chosen to reflect the evolving "big picture" of enterprise knowledge as communities collaboratively create, combine, and use their collective contributions towards a greater purpose.

Wiki builders may be interested in jumping ahead to the extensions documentation section. As a showcase for GWF extensions, we used many extension features throughout the site. For example, the green asterisk logo next to the title of this page is an example of the Title Icon extension.The information contained in the Table of Contents on the right is used in the green breadcrumb bar at the top of this page to help users navigate pages sequentially. Both the Table of Contents and the breadcrumbs are features provided by the Hierarchy Builder extension.

Our team has built over 70 unique wikis since 2006. Half of these wikis are currently actively used at MITRE and on customer networks. Enterprise wiki collaboration is different than Wikipedian collaboration. Many enterprises lack 100,000+ volunteer editors with an evolved wiki culture. We have found that in addition to adapting wiki technology to the enterprise, wiki success occurs when a community champion successfully articulates the purpose of a wiki and transforms existing business processes away from the dependency on document-based email collaboration. Read more about enterprise collaboration and how wikis can help.

Gestalt: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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