Gestalt Wiki Framework Extensions

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The Gestalt Wiki Framework (GWF) is a set of patterns and extensions to enable groups to build knowledge communities using structured wikis. This showcase is for wiki builders who want to learn by seeing live extension usage examples. Just click any links in the table below or select extensions from the blue navigation bar above.

Title Icon.png Title Icon Place an icon beside the page title when the title is displayed at the top of the page. Also adds icon to page title in search results.
Semantic Rating.png Semantic Rating Add a Semantic Form input type to enable users to enter a rating by clicking on stars and adds parser functions to display star ratings.
VIKI Network Graph.png VIKI Network Graph Visualize wiki page relationships as a network graph.
Hierarchy Builder.png Hierarchy Builder Create hierarchies in a page, use checkboxes to select elements, edit hierarchies using drag and drop, query hierarchy results.

The Gestalt Wiki Framework team has written over 40 extensions for MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. As our extensions mature, we plan to contribute as many general purpose extensions to the MediaWiki community as funding priorities allow. Visit to see the list of our open source extensions.