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"Attribute_Values" values

NameWindows Server 2012 R2
NameWindows 8
NameWindows 8.1
NameWindows 10
NameAndroid 1.0.x
NameAndroid 1.1.x
NameAndroid 1.5.x
NameAndroid 1.6.x
NameAndroid 2.0.x
NameAndroid 2.1.x
NameAndroid 2.2.x
NameAndroid 2.3.x
NameAndroid 3.0.x
NameAndroid 3.1.x
NameAndroid 3.2.x
NameAndroid 4.0.x
NameAndroid 4.1.x
NameAndroid 4.2.x
NameAndroid 4.3.x
NameAndroid 4.4.x
NameAndroid 5.0.x
NameAndroid 5.1.x
NameiOS 1.0.x
NameiOS 1.1.x
NameiOS 2.0.x
NameiOS 2.1.x
NameiOS 2.2.x
NameiOS 3.0.x
NameiOS 3.1.x
NameiOS 3.2.x
NameiOS 4.0.x
NameiOS 4.1.x
NameiOS 4.2.x
NameiOS 4.3.x
NameiOS 5.0.x
NameiOS 5.1.x
NameiOS 6.0.x
NameiOS 6.1.x
NameiOS 7.0.x
NameiOS 7.1.x
NameiOS 8.0.x
NameiOS 8.1.x
NameiOS 8.2.x
NameiOS 8.3.x
NameiOS 8.4.x
NameMac OS X 10.0.x
NameMac OS X 10.1.x
NameMac OS X 10.2.x
NameMac OS X 10.3.x
NameMac OS X 10.4.x
NameMac OS X 10.5.x
NameMac OS X 10.6.x
NameMac OS X 10.7.x
NameMac OS X 10.8.x
NameMac OS X 10.9.x
NameMac OS X 10.10.x
NameMac OS X 10.11.x
NameWindows (unknown version)
NameWindows XP
NameWindows XP SP1
NameWindows XP SP2
NameWindows XP SP3
NameWindows Server 2003
NameWindows Server 2003 SP1
NameWindows Server 2003 SP2
NameAndroid (unknown version)
NameLinux (unknown kernel version)
NameMac OS X (unknown version)
NameiOS (unknown version)
NameLinux Kernel 2.4.x
NameLinux Kernel 2.6.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.0.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.1.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.2.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.3.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.4.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.5.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.6.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.7.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.8.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.9.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.10.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.11.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.12.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.13.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.14.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.15.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.16.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.17.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.18.x
NameLinux Kernel 3.19.x
NameLinux Kernel 4.0.x
NameLinux Kernel 4.1.x
NameWindows Vista
NameWindows Vista SP1
NameWindows Vista SP2
NameWindows Server 2008
NameWindows Server 2008 SP1
NameWindows Server 2008 SP2
NameWindows 7
NameWindows 7 SP1
NameWindows Server 2008 R2
NameWindows Server 2008 R2 SP1
NameWindows Server 2012

"Attributes" values

Long_NameCommon: applicable platform
TypeEnumerable List

"Pages" values

Nameapplicable platform

The `applicable platform' value refers to a platform that a behavior or capability is specific to.