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EMA ID: ema-1175
Description: The 'denial of service' Behavior causes the local machine on which the malware instance is executing and/or a remote network resource to be unavailable.

For malware, this might be extended to ATT&CK Enterprise (only defined for Mobile ATT&CK now).

A better name might be "Denial of Service."

Associated Capabilities/Subcapabilities: Capability.png Effects
Aliases: DOS, DDOS

Associated With & Lock User Out of Device (mobile)
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Date Malware Family URL
November 14, 2013 Athena https://asert.arbornetworks.com/athena-a-ddos-malware-odyssey/
October 1, 2007 BlackEnergy http://atlas-public.ec2.arbor.net/docs/BlackEnergy+DDoS+Bot+Analysis.pdf