Exploitation for Evasion

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Exploitation for Evasion
ID T820
Tactic Evasion
Data Sources Malware reverse engineering, Detonation chamber
Asset Safety Instrumented System/Protection Relay, Field Controller/RTU/PLC/IED


Adversaries may exploit a software vulnerability to take advantage of a programming error in a program, service, or within the operating system software or kernel itself to evade detection. Vulnerabilities may exist in software that can be used to disable or circumvent security features.

Adversaries may have prior knowledge through Control Device Identification about security features implemented on control devices. These device security features will likely be targeted directly for exploitation. There are examples of firmware RAM/ROM consistency checks on control devices being targeted by adversaries to enable the installation of malicious System Firmware.

Procedure Examples

  • Triton disables a firmware RAM/ROM consistency check, injects a payload (imain.bin) into the firmware memory region, and changes a jumptable entry to point to the added code 123. In Schneider Electric Triconex Tricon MP model 3008 firmware versions 10.0-10.4, system calls read directly from memory addresses within the control program area without any verification. Manipulating this data could allow adversary data to be copied anywhere within memory.45 Triconex systems include continuous means of detection including checksums for firmware and program integrity, memory and memory reference integrity, and configuration 6.