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Below is a list of all 12 tactics in ATT&CK for ICS:

CollectionThe adversary is trying to gather data of interest and domain knowledge on your ICS environment to inform their goal.
Command and ControlThe adversary is trying to communicate with and control compromised systems, controllers, and platforms with access to your ICS environment.
DiscoveryThe adversary is locating information to assess and identify their targets in your environment.
EvasionThe adversary is trying to avoid security defenses.
ExecutionThe adversary is trying to run code or manipulate system functions, parameters, and data in an unauthorized way.
ImpactThe adversary is trying to manipulate, interrupt, or destroy your ICS systems, data, and their surrounding environment.
Impair Process ControlThe adversary is trying to manipulate, disable, or damage physical control processes.
Inhibit Response FunctionThe adversary is trying to prevent your safety, protection, quality assurance, and operator intervention functions from responding to a failure, hazard, or unsafe state.
Initial AccessThe adversary is trying to get into your ICS environment.
Lateral MovementThe adversary is trying to move through your ICS environment.
PersistenceThe adversary is trying to maintain their foothold in your ICS environment.
Privilege EscalationThe adversary is trying to gain higher-level permissions.